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Consumers of Cinnamon all around the globe who are the witnesses of its glorious reputation. This magical spice which contains incomparable aroma, taste, quality and colour is unique, and known as “Sweet Cinnamon” and also as “True Cinnamon”. Since the early age of when Arabians spent days and days were on the lookout for True Cinnamon and route to European market and still this is a spice which is on the search of many of the traders and seekers who admire the fragrance, colour and the unique flavor undoubtedly which cannot be found among any other countries’ spices. The Therapeutic effect of Cinnamon against diabetic and Hypertension is now worldly recognized as many of the world crowd seems to pursue more and more on natural ingredients to sizable range of diseases & illnesses.

Wide variety of cinnamon products with Bio Suisse, Demeter, Naturland & Kosher certifications.

  • Organic Fairtrade cinnamon sticks C5 special, C5, C4, M5, M4, H1, & H2
  • Organic Fairtrade cinnamon quilling’s
  • Organic Fairtrade cinnamon chips
  • Organic Fairtrade cinnamon powder, TBC, C/S.

Seasoning art is comprised by thousands of diverse of spices and herbs which can vary from culture to culture and from country to country.The spice is known as Peppercorn too. Black Pepper is mainly available in the trade as seeds, crushed and ground forms. This vine is grown in Mid and Wet agro- climatic zones. Black Pepper is the mistress of the spice and seasoning art whose originality is dated for the early days when Europeans and Arabians crossed the borders, oceans and came in search of the Black Pepper to Asian countries. Black Pepper is mainly grown, aiming the seed of the plant which is dried and used in different food cultures. Black Pepper owes the crown of garnishing the dishes and it is a pivot among a list of spices which are mainly imported from Asian growers and importers to most of the European and Middle-East countries. This spice let you benefit of relieving cold and cough and it’s a powerful prevention for cancer further it has been discovered years ago. Black Pepper is an aid to lose weight and thoroughly addresses to depression.

Bio Suisse, Demeter, Naturland and Kosher certified Black pepper products.

  • Organic Fairtrade black pepper whole 560 GL machine cleaned, 550 GL machine cleaned, 525 GL , 500 GL FAQ
  • Organic Fairtrade black pepper 18 mesh, 28 mesh, cracked, TBC , powder
  • Organic Fairtrade black pepper light berries ( oil extraction quality)

Balck Pepper


For medicinal and spice usages Ginger is used through decades. Not only Asians but also the Europeans regard Ginger because of its flavour and fragrance. One of the food art’s best aromatic spices is Ginger which is not limited itself only to one region in the world. The fresh ginger rhizome and the dried and powdered ginger is mainly traded around the globe. Moreover the perfume industry too seek the aid of the aroma of Ginger. Among Asians were first to export Ginger to the international market. For medicinal purposes Ginger is used. As it contains different healthy benefits which can be benefited by its consumers well. Generally for Inflammatory Joint Diseases, for Motion Sicknesses, to improve Digestion and also to prevent cancer risk, this rootstock is contributing a great support whilst playing a grand role when flavouring and spicing occasions in food art. In asian Ayurvedic Medicinal treatments Ginger is an essential medicine as in the cuisine. The flavouring is specially occupied by Tea when serving and Ginger can double the flavour of Tea and widen the smell marvelously.

Organic Fairtrade ginger slices, TBC, C/S, powder

While the flavour tries to entertain more taste buds of yours, the colour of the food tries to please your eyes before it touches your taste buds. The colour many seek to have in their food which can cause the diner’s appetite. Turmeric is one of the most pivot food colourings available in the cuisines around the world. Internationally it has a vast demand in the spice trade as well as in the Asian cuisine’s “a-must- have”. Turmeric’s yellow colour will blend the taste with its fragrance and will serve you an enriched dish with a pinch from Asian’s taste. Even in seasoning processes, among mostly used spices, Turmeric remains in the top. This spice is found as a root of the plant which is a relative of Ginger Family. Fresh and dried Ginger roams in the Spice Trade locally and internationally. Sri Lankans were the most eminent suppliers of Turmeric now it has become a vital trading. Turmeric comprises a flavour like bitter and warm and it finds you numerous health benefits as it is rich with bioactive compounds. Further Turmeric contains powerful anti-inflammatory and is a very strong antioxidant. Turmeric can possibly lower the risk of Heart Diseases.

Organic Fairtrade turmeric slices, TBC, C/S, powder


Green Pepper

The bright aroma and spicy flavour can bring a dish from its taste to the best. The Black Pepper’s process is very much similar to the process of Green Pepper mostly used in Thai cuisines. Asians provides the international market with Green Pepper as it has an identical aroma and the flavour which is unbeatable in the trade. Garnishing and flavouring is done spicily to one’s dish by Green Pepper which is grown in Asian soil mainly for commercial purposes. From the Pepper vine, the unripe drupes are processed to preserve basically the green colour of it, the farmers utilize vinegar or brine.

  • Organic Fairtrade dehydrated green pepper whole ( DGP)
  • Organic Fairtrade dehydrated green pepper powder

A pod which can turn an ordinary dish to a great dish, with these Pods which is used in many continents for its unique fragrance and flavour. Usage of this spice may not be limited to the food which lay under spicy category but also for the food with sweetness. With seeds and its covers are consumed together or separately depending on the way of cooking and the culture of the food. Cardamom bare its history which runs to decades back. This is the third most expensive spice in the world. Cardamom enters to the trade in white, black and green colours also available in powder and pods. It also does a marvelous blending to the flavour of the dish with its mint and lemon hinted flavour which is indeed has a sweet strong flavour and has the capability of standing as a medicine while being a freshner to mouths and helps for digestion. Cardamom contains antiemetic and antioxidants.

  • Organic Fairtrade cardamom whole
  • Organic Fairtrade cardamom powder, TBC, C/S



Cloves are famed for the top rank of the spice trade. They are found in aromatic flower buds in a tree; Myrtaceae and can be harvested throughout the year as it has neither a specific season nor a specific time period. This queen of spices is utilized as an ingredient when making Mulled Wine, Syrups for poaching fruits and pickling spice blends. Also, Cloves contain a high Volatile Oil than other types of cloves in the market. These aromatic spices tends to contain a larger head and a milder flavor which is really identical and well known among its consumers. In Ayurvedic medicinal treatments, Cloves wear the crown of spices since it is an eminent spice also in the trades of repellent, toothpaste, perfume and cigars hence the inimitable aroma. It’s greatest assistance in reducing congestion whilst stimulating digestion. In Mexican Cuisine Cloves are known as “Clavos De Olr”. An all-rounder is always beneficial and will find ways to become an aid even in day today life. Cloves is that all-rounder when ending your dish perfect and to keep in touch for remedies.

Best Grades of Cloves with Bio Suisse, Demeter, Naturland and Kosher certified Sri Lankan origin.

  • Organic Fairtrade cloves handpicked
  • Organic Fairtrade cloves grade 1
  • Organic Fairtrade cloves FAQ
  • Organic Fairtrade cloves powder, TBC, C/S

Mace is the spice which is derived with nutmeg in the same fruit that is borne in the tree; Myristica. This spice is dry and contains a pungent and a strong spicy taste than nutmeg. This reddish spice is really appropriate when cooking fish, chicken and pickling. Mace delicates the cheese dishes, souffles, sauces and soups. Mace specialize in complementing chocolates and cherries included dishes. Especially for baking Doughnuts, Mace plays a major role when gaining the fragrance which can be collected only through mace. During the process of mace this crimson colored mace is flattered, taken off from the nut which Mace envelopes and dry 10 to 14 days. This spice is available in the spice trade as whole pieces; known as blades or commonly in ground form.

  • Organic Fairtrade mace whole
  • Organic Fairtrade mace broken
  • Organic Fairtrade mace powder, TBC



Sweetening a dish is not a difficulty, if you find Nutmeg that has an intense fragrance. It’s the best spice that one can use for international dishes, especially one can sweeten Shepherd's Pie, Cheese dishes and Root Vegetable Purees. From the plant Myristica, nutmeg is found in a fruit and while being enveloped by mace. One of the essentials when seasoning which bears an earthy piney flavor. The usage of Nutmeg can vary depending on the cuisine and its art of food, whether it is used as a powder or broken Nutmeg. This is a great spice that can soothe indigestion and nausea and assist to reduce cholesterol. Also, a killer of cancer and improves cognitive functions of the human body. Did you know that Asian Nutmeg is with high level of essential oils?

Aflatoxin free guaranteed Bio Suisse, Demeter, Naturland and Kosher certified Best Quality nutmegs

  • Organic Fairtrade nutmegs whole
  • Organic Fairtrade nutmegs whole calibrated ( 60/65, 80/85, 100/110)
  • Organic Fairtrade nutmeg broken /grinding grade
  • Organic Fairtrade nutmeg powder, TBC, C/S
  • Organic Fairtrade nutmegs shell

Coconut butter is just a mere product one can benefit from the tree; coconut which is very eminent among the list of commercial crops in Asia and around the world. As the islands are surrounded by a rich coastal line, coconuts are not a hard crop to be grown or found in Asia. Since the ages, Asian exports its best cultivations, Coconuts has been exported up to date. The coconut butter is produced from the flesh of the coconut unlike the oil is made from the nut. It’s inclusion of most of the parts of the coconut; flesh, fiber and fat. The most noticeable fact is that the coconut butter is spreadable. For a modern cuisine plus for the modern culinary art, coconut butter is a “must-have” and it is mostly used for garnishing’s and toppings for pancakes and waffles. Drizzled coconut in granola or oatmeal makes your mouth watering and sweet smell and the pure flavour you could enjoy, is worth. Even with spicy meals coconut butter can be paired. Consistency of the coconut can be conditional on the place where you’re going to store

Coconut Butter

Virgin Coconut Oil in Glass Jars

Virgin coconut oil is vital in Coconut Centric Products and also a main export product through decades. Only from the finest harvests of Coconuts, the virgin oil is produced with dried Coconut Kernals.Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from the Coconut flesh and it can increase the food’s taste and smell to a finger licking level of taste. For cooking and baking purposes Virgin Coconut oil is used and the goodness of it can also improve the good health, preventing its consumers from number of health issues. To the development of the tissues and muscles in your body, Virgin Coconut Oil can be easily recommended as it always brings you the oil with lots of nutrients and values. It has the capacity to cleanse the urinary tract. Virgin Coconut Oil is cholesterol free and beneficial as it is with antioxidants and lauric acid. The container of our Virgin Coconut Oil is a thing to mention as it’s ready to give a pleasing outlook for your favourite oil as well as to the kitchen storages. The contaminations, spoils and the purity could be possibly visible through the jar which contains the “Culinary Spice’s Virgin Coconut Oil, adding a modernity to your cuisine with easy opening and closing access.

Coconut flour is an alternative to wheat flour which can be found commonly in modern essentials. With the finest in Asian coconut harvest, the flesh of the coconut is dried fully and powdered and produced. This alternative can replace the need of Wheat flour and will always feed you with most of its nutrients further it's gluten free. Consequently people who come across with particular conditions such as allergy to Wheat and celiac diseases, Coconut flour is ideal and worth purchasing. Enthusiasts of grain- free- diets and low carb can be recommended the Coconut Flour that has the fine colour of white. Unstable blood sugar and heart health, better digestion can be controlled and treated well with Coconut Flour. Seekers of losing weight will also admire a lot this Coconut product.

Coconut Flour

Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated Coconut is prioritized by the wrapping food art and also for numerous food cultures. This product plays a vital role in the Coconut Centric Products which can be enriched with a high capacity of increasing your taste in different manners. The grated coconut is processed and packed well for the inclusions of most of the wrapped and stuffed food arts. Biscuits, cookies, and other baking products make use of this grated coconut; Desiccated Coconuts to bring out the ordinary taste to an extraordinary level. Not only Asians, but also the European meals too need indeed this coconut product in order to make a real, the wish of enjoying different foodie ideas. It aids for the metabolism of Carbohydrate and Protein along supplying both manganese and copper. Ideal for one who tries to collect healthy nutrients for bones and spinal.

Customers who wish to try vast capacities of Virgin Coconut Oil, is now available with Culinary Spice. The Intermediate Bulk Container (IBM) and Drums are there to fill your required capacity and will be the best selection to store and consume with less wastages. If storing is remaining a bother, possibly try now the IBC Containers and Drums which is stackable and reusable. This versatile containers are with the ability of containing gallons of Virgin Coconut Oil for the purchasers who wishes for vast capacities. The ones who wish to seek the access with minimum wastage and maximum storing of capacities of Virgin Coconut Oil are advised to go with IDM and Drums.

Virgin Coconut Oil in IBC Containers and Drums

Other Coconut Products

The coconut water is a pure and a natural gift for humans which is consumed by few. Coconut based products are in high demand in both local and international markets. Among numerous products coconut water is gradually topping itself up, virtue of the health benefits. This liquid contains high quantity of potassium than four bananas and the best is, it’s cholesterol free. Researches shoe the latest obsession is Coconut Water in many European and American Continents. Kidney stones can be removed from the continuous consumption. Many of the companies increases the sale of Coconut water. This pure and nutty