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We’re a United States company based in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Established by a family of first-generation agricultural equipment manufactures in Asia, Culinary Spice is built on decades of hard-earned relationships with a deep knowledge of the spice industry. By supplying machinery over decades this has earned us the extensive reach we have combined this indigenous expertise with a western business ethos resulting in a nimble but growing company that is the place for the best quality spices in the world.

We understand the importance of quality in the spice world. Our beloved consumers demand, deserve and get the best. With our dedicated balance of passion and realism, we inspire and create products for worldwide use. We have proven to be an ideal partner for this seeking a beautiful, high-quality product.

Our offering is an unparalleled array of organic and delicious spices, efficient client services, and plausible manufacturing solutions.

Culinary Spice Company serves most markets in the world with our top-notch spices, handpicked from the very fields in which the spice is grown. We enable the best execution and service including, but not limited to, international certifications and requirements for high-speed market transportation. Our highly motivated team allows us to grow along with the increasing sophistication of our customers, and meet their needs.